Developing networks to start careers


We run high impact career programmes for 13-19 year olds at schools, colleges and youth groups across Manchester and the North West. Our programmes open students’ eyes to what’s possible and inspire them to start planning their own personal route to success.

We’re a not-for-profit social enterprise, created solely to support young people.

Would you like to...

... connect your students directly with a wide range of people in the world of work?

Through Network Young, students can connect with a diverse range of student-friendly businesses and professional people. Our unique Directory of Contacts includes some of the region’s top business leaders as well as people at earlier stages in their careers. Every contact is someone we know personally and who is happy to speak to Network Young students. Sectors represented range from law to cloud computing, banking to community action. And if we don’t already know the right person, we’ll know someone who can introduce us to them.

... help young people make informed career choices?

Network Young participants can get accurate, first-hand career information from those who know the role best: people already working in the field. This means they can make sound decisions about their next steps. Our exclusive Directory of Contacts gives access to a wide collection of people from Greater Manchester and beyond who are willing to talk openly and honestly about their careers. On top of this, students on our programmes meet a variety of leading professionals during our career skills workshops.

... help your students develop the 21st century skills they’ll need to market themselves effectively to today’s employers?

We show students how to create opportunities and get noticed, using personal branding, networking and social media skills. With a high proportion of today’s jobs never publicly advertised, these personal marketing skills are a vital ingredient in opening doors. We also cover the equally essential topics of CV writing and interview techniques.

... see motivation increase?

When students find a direction they want to follow, something clicks. Even simply getting a personal insight into the world of work is often enough to convince a student that education matters, and give them the incentive to achieve more.

“The students were buzzing afterwards – which is a sign that they were enthused and inspired by the workshop.”

Year 9 Teacher / Wilmslow High School

“Our Students really liked the interactive aspects of the workshops and enjoyed the approach which is lively and well-paced. Duncan is very approachable and many students asked a lot of questions.”

Christine Dicken / Stockport School

“I want to do this again because it has really made me think about what I want to do.”

Year 9 Student / Stockport School

“Excellent engagement with stories/anecdotes, personal experience and visual tools.”

Teacher / Wilmslow High School

“Today was the first day that school was actually enjoyable…thanks for everything. You really inspired me today.”

Student / Wilmslow High School

“Students engaged well with Duncan’s story and his visiting speaker was well chosen. His personal story about a different route to success was relevant and I think our KS4 students related better to another young person.”

Christine Dicken / Stockport School

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