About us

Network Young is a social enterprise helping young people aged 13-19 identify a career direction and use 21st century skills and techniques to find career opportunities.

We launched in 2013. In our first three years alone, we worked with nearly 1,000 young people through our school and college career skills programmes across Manchester and the North West.

Teachers tell us there are four key elements that make our work so effective:

1: Students can find out about careers directly from the people who know best

Students on our core programme get access to our exclusive Directory of Contacts, a network of business and professional people keen to share experiences and information. This allows young people to find out the truth about their dream job and break down any preconceived stereotypes.

2: Young people start to build their own professional network

With our support, young people are able to start networking with employers and creating work experience and other opportunities for themselves.

3: We’re a young team

Students relate to us well in the classroom, because we’re young too. We speak their language and we understand their world. After all, it was only a few years ago that we were in their position.

4: Workshop content is industry led, up-to-date and relevant

We work in partnership with industry experts to put programmes together – and we also bring professionals into the classroom to talk directly to students.

Our Founder

The company is led by Duncan McCombe, who launched the business on his 18th birthday. Now at 21, Duncan’s mission is to transform the way that career advice is given, forever!