We’re back! And better than ever!

We’re back! And better than ever!

Hey, how are you? What do you think of our brand new website?

Over the past 12 months we’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to achieve our mission – changing the way that career advice is given, forever.

So, what have we been up to?

  1. Well firstly, it’s our brand-new website! Good isn’t it!? We wanted to create the right platform to showcase the work we do, let people know about us and build an online space full of information, advice and guidance for not only the young people we work with, but young people all over the world. The great thing about the content we’ll be putting on here is the fact that it is coming straight from the world of work. We’re sticking to what we know and using our network to source the information that young people need to know! This is very much the first stage of development, with plenty more left to come, so let us know what you think?
  2. With the rise of social media and internet sensations, we realised that this is where we needed to be, so that’s what we’ve done. You can now find us on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and, most recently, YouTube! We really want to use these platforms to get our message out there and inform, inspire and engage the young people of the UK. Go check them out and give us a follow!
  3. Most importantly, we’ve been continuing the great work we’ve been doing in schools. We’ve been trying different things, in different schools across different parts of Greater Manchester, with lots of success. We’ve had great fun working with every year 10 student at Stockport School, teaching them how to use networking to make more informed career choices and how personal branding and social media can help them in their future careers. Another stand out programme was our 5-week course at Manchester Communication Academy in Harpurhey. The guys on this course really embraced the opportunity of being able to access some of Manchester’s most influential leaders and totally bought into what we are trying to achieve. We are so proud of what they achieved! To find out more about our workshop visit our website.
  4. Finally, we’ve been continually growing the support for Network Young in the Manchester business community. I would like to say at this point, thank you so, so much to everyone who has supported us so far! Whether you’ve spoken at a workshop, given advice to a young person, let us use your office, given your time to meet me and help us in any way, or just spoken about us to somebody else, I really do appreciate every last bit of help. I couldn’t have done this without you, sorry, WE couldn’t have done this without you. This is much bigger than individuals, this is about a community, coming together, to help each other and fix a problem which has existed in education for far too long, so thank you. If you’re reading this and want to get in touch, or think somebody else needs to know about us, then please do get in touch by emailing Duncan@networkyoung.co.uk


So, where are we going?

As I said at the top, our mission is to change the way that career advice is given, forever. That’s where we are going.

We’re going to do this by working with more and more young people across Greater Manchester over this academic year. So far we have worked with nearly 1,000 young people in the 3 years we have been going. Our goal for this year is to get that to 2,000. Yes it’s ambitious, doing what we’ve done in 3 years in 1, but we know we can do it, and we know we need to do it.

That means you’re going to be hearing a lot more from us over the coming weeks and months. We’re ready to do this, so the only question that remains is, are you?

Thanks for taking the time to read this. What did you think? What do you want the next blog to be about? Let me know at Duncan@networkyoung.co.uk.

Have a great day!


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