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Career workshops, speakers, connections

We go into schools, colleges and other youth settings across Manchester and the North West, running workshops that combine career skills sessions with inspiring talks from local professionals and business people. Our young presenters make sure that every session is fun, lively and engaging.
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We develop programme content in partnership with industry experts, so it’s always up-to-date and relevant. With the concept of networking at the heart of what we do, we’ve built up an extensive Directory of Contacts* listing a collection of people from around Manchester and the North West who are willing to talk to Network Young participants about careers.

Our full programme covers seven separate modules, but we’re completely flexible and can work around your needs. If you’d like us to come in for an enrichment day, put together a set of selected modules or simply run a single session on a specific topic, just ask. We’re happy to work with a single group or to run multiple sessions as part of a complete year group project (maximum number of people in each session 25).

To supplement our work in the classroom, we’re about to start running monthly networking events. These events will give students continuing opportunities to meet new people and build connections, knowledge and confidence.

*Only students on programmes with four workshops or more get access to the Directory of Contacts. This ensures that young people using our network have the skills and knowledge to get maximum value from the opportunities.

The full Network Young programme

Our full seven session programme gives students the chance to learn and practice networking skills as well as to develop a variety of other core career skills. Students also hear from guest speakers across different sectors and at different levels in their careers.

The first two modules in the programme look specifically at networking, with students being introduced to the Directory of Contacts during the second session. Because approaching unknown grown-ups can be scary, we encourage participants to start using the Directory straight away. This means they can benefit from our follow up and support over the course of the remaining sessions.

Our range of workshops include…

Winning with networking

What networking is, why it’s an essential career skill, and how to do it successfully.

Making cool connections

How to use our Directory of Contacts to connect with useful people, find out about careers, and start building your own personal network.

Strategic social media

How to use social media as an effective career and networking tool.

Creating a killer Personal Brand

Why personal branding is so important and how to create a brand that gets you noticed and remembered (in a good way) by the people you want to impress.

Writing a knockout CV

How to write CVs that get you on the shortlist and in front of the interview panel.

Smash that interview

What to expect, how to prepare, and what to do on the day to prove you’re the right person for the role.

Wrap up

Final week presentations. Time to consolidate learning and share achievements.

Monthly networking events

Coming soon – new monthly networking events solely for Network Young participants.

Bring Network Young to your school or college

We give your students the chance to learn and practice core career skills and hear from guest speakers across different sectors and at different levels in their careers.